Flight distance from Springfield, MO to Kansas City, MO

Do you enjoy flying? It's time to get on board with us and find out flight distance from Springfield, MO to Kansas City, MO. It's amazing that we can cover long distances in a matter of hours. Planes are making our lives more fun and easier. Our service is offering mileage from Springfield, MO to Kansas City, MO in miles, kilometres, nautical miles.

You can check out the map and see how far is Springfield, MO from Kansas City, MO, you'll also see what countries you'll pass on your way to Kansas City, MO. Approximate time for the flight is going to be displayed. Check out other destinations with our site. Enjoy and happy traveling.

Your flight from Springfield, MO to Kansas City, MO by plane will take:

flight distance
- 500mph (~800 km/h)

Map of route from Springfield, MO to Kansas City, MO by plane

Flying distance conversions from Springfield, MO to Kansas City, MO

This table shows distance in kilometers, miles and nautical miles between Springfield, MO and Kansas City, MO

Distance type Miles Kilometers Nautical miles
Straight line distance
Weather forecast in Kansas City, MO for your trip
30.2 -1
Kansas City, MO
Light snow 9.07 m/s

You have already checked out flight distance Springfield, MO to Kansas City, MO. It's time to move to another option that we have in our arsenal. It's weather forecast for 5 days in the city of your destination. You don't want to pack too much so it'll be easier if you check the weather. Our service offers weather forecast for every 3 hours. By default we have chosen Fahrenheits but you can easily change it to Celsius if required. Weather is so changeable but if you have our forecast you can be prepared and ready for the amazing journey. Any feedback is appreciated.

18:00 30°F 9.07m/s 1007 hpa
21:00 29°F 8.18m/s 1011 hpa
00:00 28°F 7.64m/s 1013 hpa
03:00 25°F 5.44m/s 1014 hpa
06:00 25°F 4.33m/s 1015 hpa
09:00 25°F 5.04m/s 1016 hpa
12:00 31°F 4.91m/s 1017 hpa
15:00 33°F 5.12m/s 1015 hpa
18:00 29°F 3.25m/s 1016 hpa
21:00 27°F 3.28m/s 1016 hpa
00:00 26°F 3.36m/s 1016 hpa
03:00 27°F 3.04m/s 1015 hpa
06:00 27°F 4.06m/s 1015 hpa
09:00 32°F 5.29m/s 1015 hpa
12:00 39°F 6.48m/s 1015 hpa
15:00 38°F 6.15m/s 1014 hpa
18:00 32°F 3.37m/s 1015 hpa
21:00 28°F 2.07m/s 1016 hpa
00:00 28°F 1.61m/s 1016 hpa
03:00 28°F 1.68m/s 1016 hpa
06:00 29°F 1.99m/s 1016 hpa
09:00 33°F 2.03m/s 1016 hpa
12:00 39°F 3.27m/s 1016 hpa
15:00 42°F 2m/s 1015 hpa
18:00 37°F 4.02m/s 1017 hpa
21:00 34°F 4.35m/s 1019 hpa
00:00 34°F 4.7m/s 1022 hpa
03:00 32°F 4.67m/s 1025 hpa
06:00 30°F 4.03m/s 1027 hpa
09:00 28°F 2.7m/s 1031 hpa
12:00 34°F 2.78m/s 1031 hpa
15:00 37°F 3.13m/s 1029 hpa
18:00 33°F 1.43m/s 1029 hpa
21:00 31°F 2.17m/s 1029 hpa
00:00 31°F 3.35m/s 1027 hpa
03:00 30°F 3.69m/s 1025 hpa
06:00 30°F 4.19m/s 1022 hpa
09:00 34°F 5.44m/s 1020 hpa
12:00 44°F 6.51m/s 1016 hpa
15:00 49°F 7.12m/s 1011 hpa
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