Driving directions from Carlsbad, NM to Alamogordo, NM

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Your journey from Carlsbad, NM to Alamogordo, NM by car will take:

driving distance
- 50mph (80 km/h)
- 60mph (97 km/h)
- 75mph (120 km/h)

Map of route from Carlsbad, NM to Alamogordo, NM by car

Check this driving directions Carlsbad, NM to Alamogordo, NM

This table shows distance in kilometers, miles and nautical miles between Carlsbad, NM and Alamogordo, NM

Description Distance Duration
1 Head north on N Canal St towards W Stevens St 1.1 mi 3 mins
2 Continue onto W Pierce St/US Hwy 285 N
Continue to follow US Hwy 285 N
31.8 mi 31 mins
3 Turn left onto W Fairground Rd 2.0 mi 3 mins
4 Continue onto 26th St 3.0 mi 5 mins
5 Turn left onto US-82 W/W Main St
Continue to follow US-82 W
105 mi 1 hour 55 mins
6 Continue onto Charlie Lee Memorial Relief Route 3.1 mi 4 mins
7 Turn left onto W 10th St 0.4 mi 1 min
8 Turn right onto Eddy Dr 0.1 mi 1 min
9 Turn left onto W 8th St 0.2 mi 1 min
10 Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto N White Sands Blvd 0.1 mi 1 min
Weather forecast in Alamogordo, NM for your trip
91.4 33
Alamogordo, NM
Broken clouds 2.97 m/s

US.dismap.com is providing you with weather forecast for 5 days. We offer updated info for every 3 hours. Calculate distance from Carlsbad, NM to Alamogordo, NM first but never forget about the weather. It can be crucial for your journey. Packing can be a challenge but when you know for sure what kind of weather awaits for you, it gets so much easier. You don't want to take unnessasary clothes with you, it makes you lose flexibilty and comfort. Being prepared in every way is what you need to relax later and not stress out because you didn't take a jacket with you. Stay with our service and all your trips short or small will be a little bit easier to plan. Have fun.

13:00 90°F 2.97m/s 880.26 hpa
16:00 93°F 3.87m/s 878.89 hpa
19:00 92°F 3.01m/s 877.72 hpa
22:00 83°F 2.1m/s 878.7 hpa
01:00 76°F 2.07m/s 879.58 hpa
04:00 73°F 2.77m/s 879.57 hpa
07:00 69°F 1.67m/s 880.23 hpa
10:00 75°F 1.92m/s 881.13 hpa
13:00 84°F 2.02m/s 881.07 hpa
16:00 87°F 3.67m/s 879.46 hpa
19:00 85°F 2.71m/s 878.48 hpa
22:00 80°F 1.46m/s 879.29 hpa
01:00 74°F 0.97m/s 880.1 hpa
04:00 71°F 1.17m/s 880.4 hpa
07:00 69°F 2.23m/s 880.64 hpa
10:00 72°F 1.92m/s 881.32 hpa
13:00 79°F 1.82m/s 880.17 hpa
16:00 86°F 1.83m/s 877.38 hpa
19:00 88°F 1.83m/s 875.27 hpa
22:00 80°F 2.12m/s 876.21 hpa
01:00 74°F 1.98m/s 877.02 hpa
04:00 71°F 1.13m/s 876.32 hpa
07:00 68°F 1.18m/s 876.3 hpa
10:00 74°F 2.01m/s 877.18 hpa
13:00 83°F 1.96m/s 876.73 hpa
16:00 90°F 3.47m/s 874.75 hpa
19:00 90°F 1.6m/s 873.79 hpa
22:00 80°F 1.67m/s 875 hpa
01:00 67°F 2.47m/s 877.77 hpa
04:00 69°F 6.42m/s 878.4 hpa
07:00 67°F 5.92m/s 879.66 hpa
10:00 71°F 4.04m/s 881.78 hpa
13:00 78°F 2.61m/s 881.95 hpa
16:00 82°F 2.77m/s 880.59 hpa
19:00 83°F 2.57m/s 879.24 hpa
22:00 76°F 3.46m/s 880.9 hpa
01:00 68°F 1.48m/s 882.47 hpa
04:00 63°F 1.22m/s 882.57 hpa
07:00 61°F 0.56m/s 883.11 hpa
10:00 70°F 1.13m/s 884.29 hpa
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